Ultrasonic Pulser / Receiver System

  • Usama Bin Khamis Butt
  • Farrukh Ahsan
  • Sama Shazli Azhar
  • Sobia Feroz Daudpota


This project is aimed at designing and fabricating an instrumentation system for Ultrasonic testing of Aluminum/Steel/Concrete blocks. Using PZTs for prducing ultrasonic waves which penetrate through the test piece, an intensity vs. time graph will be plotted to measure the thickness of the test piece, and any cracks inside the test piece are also detected.

Ultrasonic testing makes use of high frequency sound waves, to sense cracks or flaws in a metallic or concrete surface by sending out waves at various frequencies through a transmitter and receiving them followed by measuring the result and calculating the distance. These pulses can range from 0.1 MHz up to 15MHz.