Novel Flaw Classification and Profiling Algorithms using Aerospace Multi Frequency Eddy Current Non Destructive Testing Data


Aerospace nondestructive testing (NDT) is performed to determine the structural integrity of aircraft structure. It is mandatory for safety of passenger and aircraft that periodic testing of aircraft structures must be carried out for damages such as corrosion and cracks. Currently aircrafts Non Destructive Testing (NDT) is performed at Pakistan according to OEMs instructions. NDT signal measurements are sent to aircraft manufacturers in writings, who then examine the results and suggest the subsequent corrective action.

Need of hour is to develop in country knowledgwe of NDT signal processing for damage detection and flaw sizing.This would reduce the dependence on manufacturers input.In house knowledge would also facilitate the decision makers to decide the flight worthiness of the aircraft in short period of time as wait period of recommendation from manufacturers can be eliminated.Following tasks are much needed to improve the aerospace NDT infrastructure in Pakistan:

a.The characterization/quantification of damage to realize the extent of damage.The damage quantification also facilitates aircraft maintenance managers to assess flight worthiness on the basis of crack size or loss of thickness.

b.Prediction of remaining useful life of aircraft skin/structure/components is also possible through solving NDT inverse problem and formulation of historical database of NDT measurement data.The knowledge of RUL would ensure aircraft as well as enable aircraft management agencies to plan repair/replacement accordingly.