Automatic Train Alarm Solution (ATAS) for Level-Crossing Safety

  • Muhammad Nauman Umair
  • Taha Ali
  • Rao Saim Zafar
  • Anas Mahmood


Focus of this innovation is public safety, thereby saving lives. In Pakistan, presently out of 2400 level crossings, about 2000 level crossings are unmanned. Moreover, no automated signaling system is operational / available to ensure stoppage of traffic crossing at the level crossing once the train is approaching. This results into an average of over 150 causalities in Pakistan every year. With the help of automatic signalling system, this solution will prevent such incidents.

An automated train detection and signalling system is presented to warn pedestrians of an approaching train at the level crossing, either from up-track or down-track. It will use Radio Frequency (RF) transmitters and receivers working in unlicensed UHF/VHF band and licensed GSM bands. The robust and cost effective system once deployed will detect approaching train, and generate a warning signal at the level crossing, from an approximate distance of 3-4 km. The loud alarm at level crossing will warn people, thereby saving precious lives.