WSN Group performed testing at Native Jetty Bridge

WSN Group 1:49 PM Research Project

A team of 7 dedicated students including Humair Ali(PhD.), Awais Aitmad, M Ali Sheikh, Faisal Khalil, Adil Farooq, Shahryar Ahmed, Murad Abdullah headed to Kemari for the testing of "Wireless Sensing Networks for Structural Health Monitoring" prototype on the morning of 11th February 2017.

Two bridges were successfully monitored. One was Native Jetty flyover with heavy loads which was constructed in 1993 by a German Consultant. The second bridge was the KPT overpass which was constructed about 4 years ago. The sensor used for structural health monitoring was ADXL345 and major points of testing were the bridge girders and the flyover beams. The data acquired from the bridges is now being processed for further findings.