EMIS offers an efficient, cost-effective and complete pipeline inspection system through two products: A 'Low Cost Smart Pipeline Inspection Gauge (PIG)' and 'Multi-Frequency Eddy Current Testing (ECT) System' to detect and localize faults. The combined system promotes & ensures energy efficiency by maintaining quality standards at pipelines manufacturing facilities and preventing fluid losses in transmission pipelines. Using this state-of-the-art technology, we identify possible sources of leaks in order to pinpoint locations requiring repair, thereby saving more energy by maintaining quality and rendering exploratory excavation processes unnecessary.

Pipline Inspection Gauge (PIG)

  • Works on the principle of Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) to pinpoint cracks and flaws in metallic pipelines
  • Use of Tunneling Magneto-Resistive technology offers detection at very low magnetic fields
  • No large current Amperes required
  • Provision of brushes at the top to allow simultaneous cleaning of pipeline
  • Position sensing through 6 DOF IMU
  • Super compact and affordable equipment
  • Expandable design

Multi-Frequency Eddy Current Testing (ECT) System

  • Works on the principle of Electromagnetic Induction to detect cracks and flaws in metallic structures
  • Use of Improved Howland Current pump for exciting ECT probe makes the system highly reliable and efficient
  • Multi-frequency oscillators allow the system to detect cracks at various depths
  • Provision of 8 probes fixed at circular cross-section at the pipeline assembly line to allow testing over the entire diameter of the pipeline
  • Position sensing through a software configured optical mouse
  • Compact and affordable equipment
  • Expandable design